The Yosemite Gatehouse Lodge

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he Yosemite Gatehouse Lodge was built in the 1940's and has been refurbished many times since, but has maintained its rustic character and natural beauty. The grounds of the Lodge are covered by several variety of huge trees, including Redwoods, Cedars, Ponderosa Pines, Sugar Pines, Oaks and many others. The Lodge consists of four secluded cabins, one cabin style motel suite and two large motel suites located below the main Lodge building.

The Lodge is located on Highway 120, one mile from the West Gate of Yosemite National Park.

34001 Highway 120
Groveland, CA, 95321.

The Lodge the closest motel to the entrace of the Park and is open all year. There is a gas station about four miles from the lodge and restauranrs about nine miles from it.

The small Gatehouse Lodge store stocks the basics such as bread, meat, soup, frozen pizzas, frozen burritos, crackers, cheese, ice cream, candy, chips, soda, water, condiments, sunscreen, etc., and other personal items for the convenience of the guests and park travelers.